Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beginnings, Studies, Obsessions

I had a blog parked elsewhere for a long time, waiting patiently for me to start writing about my divinatory interests.  But procrastination is strong and I am weak.  Momentum is key, though, so I'm giving that ball a shove to get it rolling.

Today I bought some stones to use to cast figures for astrological geomancy.  I went into the shop expecting to find something more obviously for this purpose, but ended up buying two bracelets to take apart into loose stones.  The type I chose was Sodalite, which I knew nothing about, but they were the best compromise of size, attractiveness, color, hand feel, and price.  Now that I’ve looked it up, I think this was a fun intuitive hunch!  It’s a stone connected to my zodiac sign, and it supposedly brings peace and calms anxiety.  It may enhance intuition and clarity, both important for any divinatory endeavor, I’d say.  It’s also said to enhance communication skills for writers and the verbalization of feelings.  And hey, it can support your thyroid to help you lose weight, heh!   It's just the magic stone that does everything.  ;)

I have so many areas of interest and I’m usually prone to fluttering around, jumping from topic to topic without staying with any one of them long enough to get any depth.  It's time to change that, so in the next few weeks I will zero in on something to tackle first.

Here is the list of my long-term plans:
  • Learn Traditional Astrology more thoroughly:  I cut my teeth on psychological and modern astrology, and have loved Liz Greene and Co. for years.  I’ve never been satisfied with its accuracy when delineating a chart for someone I don’t already know very well, though, and this has led me to investigate traditional techniques.  I’m also interested in predictive astrology, so traditional is where it’s at for that, too.
  • Start with Horary Astrology:  This will satisfy my desire for straightforward answers, and will help me learn the traditional basics.
  • Learn Astrological Geomancy:  I see this as a stepping stone to horary, actually, since you handle some of the chart reading in the same way.  This will be quicker to master than the astrology and will give me something to practice with friends.
  • Try out Mel’s horary-ish, geomanticy Astrological Spread/System for the Marseille Tarot:  another fun, quicker way to practice similar chart reading to answer questions.  (this would be Mel from the Aeclectic Tarot forums)
  • Tackle the Lenormand:  For whatever reason, I have a hard time getting out of the introspective, psychological, self-help mode when using tarot cards.  I’ve been having some fun learning the Lenormand and find it much easier to build down-to-earth sentences from the cards, especially about practical matters.  I have courses from Melissa Hill and Britta Kienle, and plan to eventually get the Treppner course too. Look out!
  • Learn cartomancy with Playing Cards:  I’ve had the Playing Card Oracles deck and book for a while, and just need to sit down with it to really let it sink in.  I love the geomancy angle and think it adds a great depth and structure that I can connect with.  I also considered other systems because I love their detail and comprehensiveness: Hedgewytchery, Kapherus, Regina Russell.  But maybe Lenormand will fill that specificity niche for me, and I can settle down with the PCO.  We’ll see.
So there they are, my big ambitious plans.  Now I just need to nurture my discipline.  See you soon!

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