Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Plan for the Way Forward

Today I decided to do a short reading asking for guidance to keep me on track with my study goals.  Since I have a difficult time staying focused on one thing long enough to make real progress, I wanted some suggestions from the cards on how I should try to accomplish this.   I used my trimmed PCS Commemorative deck, and laid out three cards with the loose positions of Do, Don't Do, & Direction/Think About:

Do: 10 of Pentacles
Don't Do: 2 of Pentacles
Direction/Think About: King of Cups

At first this stumped me, since I tend to see the 10 of Pentacles as family, extended relatives, etc.  Since I can't see them being a resource for my esoteric interests, I wasn't sure what to make of it.  But it could also suggest a practical community or group.  Maybe I need to find and participate in communities that would support my learning.  I often lurk around forums without speaking up much, and I see this card as telling me that needs to change.  Since I finally started my blog for this very reason, I'll take it to mean that I"m on the right track.

The older gentleman on the card could also mean finding a learning group with some older, more experienced people who are sharing their wisdom.

Don't Do:
This illustrates my usual problem perfectly!  The 2 of Pentacles is juggling too much, trying to keep it all in the air, dancing back and forth from foot to foot (topic to topic), too much multi-tasking, dancing about which turns a little manic.  The sea waves even echo the roller coaster of progress:  make a little headway, then let it slide as I move to something else, make a little headway, let it slide, and so on.  This card just underlines what I've already been saying:  I need to stop doing this!! 

Direction/Think About:
The King of Cups here is a bit of a mystery to me.  Do I need to cultivate the King's emotional composure and maturity?  Since I pulled a blank with the card, I took a peek at Paul Quinn's Tarot for Life, and see the King can be a wise counselor and people reader, helping them navigate difficult times.  All I can think is that this card is gently reminding me that my ultimate goal is to read for others and to help them, so maybe I should think about practicing this sooner rather than later.

Other notes:
Two of the three are pentacles, pointing towards practical matters.  They are all minors, too, which focuses again on every day concerns.  More votes for just getting down to business!

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