Monday, January 16, 2012

Weather Forecast for Tuesday, Jan. 17

I've been pulling cards to forecast the weather for the past few days, after reading Alec Satin's posts about using tarot for weather forecasting.  My success rate is pretty good so far!

Last night, (Sunday 1/15), I pulled 8 of Wands and 8 of Coins using the Noblet Marseille to forecast for today, Monday, Jan. 16.  In Alec's system, this means roughly, "Sunny and still, but with a chance of a snowstorm" [I changed downpour to snowstorm to adjust for the season.]  It was a bright and sunny day here, with no noticeable wind.  I thought I struck out about the storm, but just about 20 minutes ago my husband, who doesn't know about the forecasts, called out to me, "We have snow!"  Sure enough, for the first time in over a month or maybe two, we have snow.  Not a snowstorm, but about an inch so far.

Here are the cards I pulled for tomorrow, Tuesday, January 17:

Reyne de Baton, Fournier Marseille

3 of Swords, Fournier Marseille

Today's draw sounds kind of wishy-washy:  "Variable weather, storms, unpredictable."  Hmm.  Unpredictable?  Thanks, tarot!   I'll report back tomorrow in the comments.

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